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Beyond Redemption [entries|friends|calendar]
Oxford-Clad Psycho

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[13 Mar 2006|04:16pm]
ok, livejournal is fucked up. i had to try to log in 10 times, it said i had the wrong password, then it logged in somehow, but i cant update?

today is monday march 13th and im assuming that i wont have access to a computer within the next 3 days so

happy 18th birthday Rachel

i would call you, but im pretty sure someone would hang up on me or something, and honestly, im still a little intimidated by your creepy-ass dad.

IF and only if, you would like to speak to me again (have i been permanantly banned?) let me know here, since this is the only medium i have right now.

id like to talk to you, i just dont know if you would like to talk to me.
Like water in my lungs

[21 Nov 2005|05:48pm]
so i work for nextel now. so if any of you were thinking about getting a new cell-phone, come talk to me, i work at the nextel booth infront of hot-topic in the pheasant lane mall.

ill hook you guys up, free car chargers for everyone
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[21 Nov 2005|05:43pm]
Case and point.


XBox 360, $1,125


now im faced with a dilemna. XBox 360, or a whole shit-ton of booze and strippers.....
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XBox 360 [21 Nov 2005|05:35pm]
so despite the fact that my phone and cable are shut off, today i went out with a mission. to bring home a new XBox 360.

mission accomplished.

in my pocket right now is a reservation ticket for the $400 system at walmart in amherst.

they go on sale tonight at midnight. they said they were going to hand out tickets at 10 P.M. but apparently not. i showed up at roughly 1:30pm today and i got ticket #28

people had been waiting at walmart since 4:00 am today... dumbasses. i got one, and it only took me 2 hours.

so anyone planning on going to walmart tonight to buy a new XBox. save yourself some time, gas, and frustration. THERE ALL GONE. ..... owned

technically i could throw it on Ebay and pull in $1500 or so, but im keeping it.
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[07 Oct 2005|08:06pm]
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[04 Oct 2005|04:12pm]
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[20 Sep 2005|03:49pm]
i just got a message on my answering maching, my rent is late. big deal.

so the bitch who runs my apartment complex left a threatening message on my machine. what a fuckstick.

"you have untill 6:00pm tonight to pay your rent or im writing up an order to vacate"

fuckin bitch.

try to kick me out, see what happens. ill put so many fuckin holes in the walls they will have to spend a month repairing that shithole.

fuckin bitch.
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[20 Sep 2005|11:39am]
i just saw rachels brother chris, i waved and said whats up, and he looked at me, then just looked away and kept on walking.

what the fuck.

i dont know why, but that just REALLY pissed me off.
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[19 Sep 2005|06:43pm]
if anyone has a used bass amp they want to sell, let me know.
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Dont fuck with the FSU [19 Sep 2005|06:06pm]
[ mood | sore ]

so i went to locobazooka yesterday, almost got killed. I watched Since The Flood, no real incidents, some hardcore kid roundhouse kicked me, no big deal. Bury Your Dead came on, like an idiot i jumped in the pit. some guy punched me in the face, i have a bad temper, i went after him. turns out he was in FSU. 4 BIG fuckin guys swarmed me, one of the bigger guys grabed me by my throat. luckly jarretts brother was with us, turned out he was friends with some of the FSU guys, so the big guy dropped me, and im here to type this shit today.

lesson learned.

if your in a pit like that, and someone hits you in the face, let it slide. getting your ass beat by 4 or 5 guys because you have a bad temper is a BAD thing

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[17 Sep 2005|06:07pm]
[ mood | numb ]

Place your ear to my lips and trace these notes with your fingertips. They dance alone on my last breath. This is the end, This is Death.

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[12 Sep 2005|01:24pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

holy crap, what a weekend

im so drained right now, i just want to lie down on the floor....

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[05 Sep 2005|02:53pm]
wtf? i just typed for 45min, hit update, and NOTHING
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[23 Aug 2005|11:39am]
3 more days and im legal to operate a motor vehicle on a public road again! so now i have to find a good car. im stuck driving the taurus for a little while because i dont have an alternative. im looking for a black 93 Volkswagon Corrado VR6, it has to have a black leather interior, and it has to be a 5 speed...
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[10 Aug 2005|07:08pm]
i now have access to a computer on a regular basis!

im working at radio shack in the phesant lane mall, so if by some strange chance anyone is looking for me, thats where i am 40 hours a week...

there is absolutely nothing to do in nashua, probably because i dont have my licence right now. im getting it back on the 26th i think....
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[07 May 2005|12:29am]
as of 30 minuteas ago i am no longer a teenager...

bout fuckin time

365 days and counting to the last useful birthday you get.
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[28 Apr 2005|08:21pm]
its been a long time since ive been on a computer, so i thought id bring you all up to date. ive been living in Nashua with my girlfriend Sarah and a couple friends. shit was going good for a while but its starting to fall apart. i got a good job, im a chef at chilies again, $10 an hour to start, $10.50 after 30 days, and $15 an hour if i can manage to handle all 4 stations in the kitchen. i have $500 in my pocket so far, were saving to get a place for just the 2 of us. we basically got booted out back onto the streets again. i thought i was done with that shit, but i guess not.... i got in contact with Jarrett a few days ago, i was glad to hear from him...
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[04 Jan 2005|11:23am]
so i live in nashua now, down in the ghetto, between the tree streets and the number streets, near ledge street. what a place. im still trying to get a good job, its harder than it seems, noone wants to hire anyone, its a pain in the ass. im not really around a computer much, but ill keep updating as much as possible.
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[18 Dec 2004|11:51am]
so i guess Rachel is done with me. she gave up for no real reason. thanks.

shes probably dating that Brandon kid by now. whatever.

i guess if shes done with me its time to just move on. if she doesnt want to even talk to me, thats her loss.

i dont regret one second i spent with Rachel, that relationship ment the world to me for 2 years, and she was a huge part of my life. but things change, and people move on.

but everything is ok though, ive been spending alot of time with some different people, and me and Kelly are starting to get pretty close.

now i just feel stupid for distancing myself from all of those different girls because of Rachel. for instance; Aubrey.

apparently according to Rachel our relationship was a mistake, and for her to say something like that is a slap in the face to me.

whatever, fuck it
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a new beginning [14 Dec 2004|01:28pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

today marks the day that my life changes for the better.

i just got a new job, i start my training tomorrow. im going to be a car salesman at townsend ford in MA, apparently being a salesman there affords you the opportunity to make $100,000 your first year... thats more than either of my parents bring home even.

looks like my dreams are starting to come true after all.

only minor obsticales stand in my way now. first, i need a suit of my own. im going to call my mother and see if i can get her to hook me up with a pinstripe suit for an early christmas present... i assume she will considering the opportunity that i have.

i dont think ive been this happy in a long ass time, and i like it :)

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